Wings 3D is an open source and cross-platform subdivision modeler that can be used mainly to model and texture polygon models using a simple user interface. You should know that Wings 3D does not support animations and requires OpenGL or Mesa to run.

With Wings 3D, there is a possibility to export to other rendering software like YafRay and POV-Ray. In this brief guide we will show you how to install Wings 3D in Ubuntu 11.10/11.04.

Wings 3D Installation (v1.4.1)

1. Download first Wings 3D from here and extract the archive file to any location of your choice.

2. Right-click on the extracted file (wings-1.4.1-linux.bzip2.run) and select Properties.

3. In the Permissions tab, check on "Allow executing file as program" and click Close.

4. Double click now the wings-1.4.1-linux.bzip2.run file and click Run:

5. Wings 3D will now be installed in the Home folder (~/wings-1.4.1). Open the wings-1.4.1 folder, double click the wings file, then click Run:

Wings 3D screenshots:

That's it!

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