EasyShutdown is a simple application with GUI written in Python that allows Ubuntu users to shut down their computers at a specific time in hours, minutes and seconds. When the chosen time is reached, your computer will turn off automatically, no intervention by the user.

EasyShutdown Installation

Open the terminal and run these commands:

wget http://launchpad.net/easyshutdown/trunk/0.6/+download/easyshutdown_0.6_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i easyshutdown_0.6_all.deb

Via the Unity Dash, start EasyShutdown:

Once launched, set any time of your choice and click the Run button:

To cancel the operation, click the stop button:

If you want to keep a shortcut for EasyShutdown in the Unity launcher, right-click on its icon and select Keep in launcher:

That's it!

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