The Linux terminal has many powerful features that we can use instead of installing software having graphical interfaces (GUI). The advantage of using the terminal is speed, and the task we want to do needs only the execution of a few commands.

Let's suppose we want to format (erase) a CD-RW / DVD-RW disc under Ubuntu. As a reminder, CD-RW/DVD-RW discs can be re-use it many times after recording data in them. To erase these discs from the terminal, you need to follow these simple instructions:

1. Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) under Ubuntu and unmount first the disc with this command:

umount /dev/cdrom

Note: /dev/cdrom is the default address for CD/DVD drives on Linux. If it's different, then replace it with your own correct address.

2. To format the entire CD-RW / DVD-RW disc, run this command:

wodim dev=/dev/cdrom blank=all

3. For a quick erase, use this command:

wodim dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast

4. To erase only the last recorded session, use this command:

wodim dev=/dev/cdrom blank=session

Your CD-RW / DVD-RW disc is now erased and ready to be used again!

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