In this tutorial we will see how to use the recovery mode to change a user password under Ubuntu. The tutorial is done under a system running Ubuntu 11.10 with Grub2 installed.

Getting Started

1. Hold down the Shift key while your system is starting up to bring up the Grub boot screen and boot in recovery mode:

2. On the next screen, use your keyboard down arrow key to highlight "root Drop to root shell prompt", and press Enter:

3. You have now logged in as root. You can change the password of any user provided that you know its username. To change a password for any user, use this command:

passwd username

Replace username with your own username. You have to submit a password two times. If everything is correct, you will get something like this:

passwd username                                   
Enter new UNIX password:                   
Retype new UNIX password:                
passwd: password updated successfully

To change only your root password, enter simply this command:


That's it!

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