In this tutorial you will familiarize yourself to the steps needed for customizing a Nautilus window under Ubuntu 11.04. You will simply learn how to add window backgrounds, as well as assigning emblems to folder icons.

The process of changing window backgrounds under Ubuntu 11.04 is extremely simple, just follow these steps:

1. Open any folder of your choice and select Edit > Backgrounds and Emblems:

2. Under the Patterns section, click on any tile of your choice and drag and drop it inside the folder to apply it (the background will be applied to all Nautilus folders):

To add a custom pattern from your hard drive, click Add New Pattern.

3. To restore the default background to your folder, drag and drop the Reset tile:

4. If you want to add a specific color to the window background, click Colors, then use the provided colors:

To add a gradient background, drag the desired color to any of the four edges of the window.

5. To add emblems, click Emblems and drag and drop one of them to any folder icon to apply it:

6. To remove an emblem, select Erase and drag it to the folder icon:

Here is a video showing all steps:

That's it!

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