A new version of Gimp (2.7.3) is now available for download. The important new feature in this version is that it comes with a single window mode, forget about ordering scattered windows in later versions of Gimp.

Those who are new to using the Gimp, it is a free open source image manipulation program that allows users to create and edit bitmap images. It can be considered an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Advanced users of Gimp uses it to create logos, graphics, and removing unwanted details from images. It can also be used to crop & resize images, change photo color, create animated GIFs, convert between image formats, etc.

Here are some of its new features:

  • Single-Window Mode
  • Layer Groups Support
  • Multi-Column Dock Windows
  • Session Management
  • Tools drawn with cairo
  • On-Canvas Text Editing
  • Save And Export
  • Keyboard Shortcut Changes, etc.

To install Gimp (2.7.3) on Ubuntu (11.10/11.04/10.10/10.04), open the Terminal and run these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

Once Gimp launched, go to Windows > Single-Window Mode to use the Gimp in one window:


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