The Metasploit Project is a penetration testing solution that helps users defend their IT systems by providing information about security vulnerabilities and aiding in the development of intrusion detection systems. In this guide, we will help you install Metasploit on Ubuntu and Debian Squeeze.

Metasploit Installation

Before installing The Metasploit Project on Ubuntu/Debian Squeeze, open the Terminal and install these dependencies:

sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion ruby libruby irb rdoc libyaml-ruby libzlib-ruby libopenssl-ruby libdl-ruby libreadline-ruby libiconv-ruby rubygems sqlite3 libsqlite3-ruby libsqlite3-dev

To start the installation of Metasploit, run now these commands:

svn co http://metasploit.com/svn/framework3/trunk/ metasploit
cd metasploit
svn up

To start Metasploit, run this command:


To get more information about Metasploit, enter "help" without quotes and press Enter. That's it!

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