There are many ways to slow down videos like the use of specific software or media players. But in this brief guide, you will learn a simple way to slow down a video file using the command line. This is possible with the help of ffmpeg and mencoder. The advantage of slowing down a video is that it helps you bring more focus on some particular scenes on your video.

If you still haven't installed ffmpeg and mencoder on Ubuntu or Debian, then do with this command:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg mjpegtools mencoder

Via the Terminal cd to the folder containing your video and cut the desired part from it using this command:

ffmpeg -vcodec copy -acodec copy -i input.avi -ss 00:00:16 -t 0:0:32 output.avi

- input.avi: Replace it with your video name. Other media formats are supported.
- 00:00:16 -t 0:0:32: Replace it with the desired starting and ending time.
- output.avi: This is the name of the video file that will be created.

To slow down your video file, use now this command:

mencoder -speed 1/3 -ofps 30 -srate 44100 -vf input.avi -ovc copy -oac pcm -o slow-vid.avi

- input.avi: Replace it with the video you want to add the slow motion effect to.
- slow-vid.avi: This is the name of the generated video (with slow motion).

Here is an example of a video with slow motion:


With slow motion:


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