In this guide we will see how to add a custom alert sound under Ubuntu/Debian. It's recommended that you create a stereo audio file using OGG or WAV. Here are the instructions to follow:

1. After creating your custom sound alert, place it in the sounds folder using this command:

sudo mv my-beep.wav /usr/share/sounds/

Replace my-beep.wav with your own audio file.

2. Via the Terminal edit gnome-sounds-default.xml with this command:

sudo gdit /usr/share/gnome-media/sounds/gnome-sounds-default.xml

3. Add now these lines at the end of the file just before "</sound>" :

<sound deleted="false">
 <name>Beep Name</name>

Don't forget to replace "my-beep.wav" with the name of your audio file. Replace also "Beep Name" with any name of your choice.

4. Save the file and close it. Open now the sound preferences window under Ubuntu and select your custom alert sound:

For Debian, open System > Preferences > Sound, open the Sound Theme tab, select Sound theme: Default, then select your custom alert sound from the given list:


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