You should know that computer programs can make your computer use too much energy, which would be a problem with laptop users. PowerTop is a Linux tool that can help you find those misbehaving programs that consume more power than necessary when they are idle (not doing anything).

PowerTop will collect various types of data from the kernel and combine them in one screen so as to monitor system ability to save power, this will help you decide which components are causing the biggest power problems.

With PowerTop, you can achieve the following objectives:

  • See the effectiveness of your system in making use of hardware power-saving features
  • Alerting you of those applications that prevent the optimal use of hardware power-saving features
  • Suggest possible actions that may help you achieve lower power consumption
  • Help app developers test their apps so that they get the best performance

PowerTOP is almost available in every Linux distribution, to install it on Ubuntu, open the Terminal and run this command:

sudo apt-get install powertop

To start PowerTOP, run this command:

sudo powertop


PowerTOP is a tool that has a primary objective of helping user save power, and then to search for those power-hungry programs. Laptop users will benefit from this tool because it will help them extend the battery life of their laptops by suggesting various actions needed to save energy.

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