If you want to adjust your screen brightness for your laptop or notebook on Ubuntu Unity (11.04), then try the Brightness indicator. This indicator allows via a menu to select different brightness values.

You can also use your mouse scroll wheel to adjust screen brightness by scrolling up/down. To install the Brightness indicator on Ubuntu 11.04, download the deb package here and double-click it to install it.

After installing this indicator, open the Terminal and launch it with this command:


To start it automatically at Ubuntu startup, then follow these instructions:

1. Open the dash and open Startup Applications.

2. Click the Add button and add the following parameters:

  • Name: Screen Brightness
  • Command: /opt/indicator-brightness/indicator-brightness.py
  • Comment: Optional

Then click Add

3. From now on, the indicator will start automatically at Ubuntu startup. If you want to create a shortcut for it, then use the same command given above.

That's it!

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