If you find it boring or not effective (enough) explaining tutorials or how-to articles in text, you can resort to screencasts (recording screen), which will help you better describe your computer-related idea or product because words are not most of the time enough to describe our ideas or attitudes.

If you are using Ubuntu, you can use Tibesti Screencaster which is a lightweight application that will help you record your screen (microphone and speaker output are also recorded) to create attractive screencasts.

Tibesti Screencaster Installation

To install Tibesti Screencaster on Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04, run these commands from the Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ackondro/tibesti
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install tibesti

Tibesti Screencaster Use

On Ubuntu 11.04, you can start the application via the dash by searching for "tibesti":

On later Ubuntu versions, you can open it in Applications > Sound & Video > Tibesti. You can record with Tibesti Screencaster fullscreen or only a selected area on your screen. You can save your screencasts in the following media formats:

  • Ogg Media
  • WebM Media
  • Avi - XVid
  • Matroska - XVid/h264/Huffman
  • Flash

If you want to set recording delay so that you prepare and select the area you want to record on your screen before the starting of recording, then click the Options button and enter any time (in seconds) in the corresponding field.

Tibesti Screencaster's Screenshot:

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