In this tutorial, we will see how to simply restore the old upper and lower panels we find on Ubuntu 10.10/10.04 to Ubuntu 11.04.

Temporary Solution

Launch the terminal and issue one of these two commands to restore old panels for the current session:

nohup gnome-panel

gnome-panel &

Both upper and lower panel will appear, you can now add/remove applets, panels, etc. Also, your opened windows will start to appear on the lower panel:

However, these commands are not permanent because once you reboot or log out the current session, these panels will disappear. To make it permanent, then follow these instructions:

Permanent Solution

1. Using the dash, open Startup Applications:

2. Click the Add button:

3. Enter any name of your choice (Old Panels, for example), then in the command field, enter one of these two commands, then click Add:

nohup gnome-panel


gnome-panel &

4. Close the window. From now on, your old panels will load automatically after you log in.

That's it!

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