In this tutorial, we will see how to install Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) inside Windows 7 using VirtualBox. So, before we start, make sure you install the latest version of VirtualBox (v4.1) from here.

Get Started

1. In the main interface of VirtualBox, click New.

2. In the welcome screen, click Next.

3. Enter any name for your virtual machine you want to create (Ubuntu 11.04, for example), then under OS Type, make sure Linux - Ubuntu are selected. For 64-bit PCs, select Ubuntu (64 bit) from the version dropdown menu. Then click Next.

4. Select now the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the virtual machine, 512 MB is recommended. Then click Next.

5. Keep both Boot Hard Disk and Create new hard disk selected, then hit Next.

6. A new window will pop-up for creating a new virtual disk. Click Next.

7. Select now the type of virtual hard disk you want to create (Dynamically expanding storage or Fixed-size storage). If you are intending to use Ubuntu 11.04 for a long period of time, then "Dynamically expanding storage " is your choice, otherwise select Fixed-size storage if you want to simply test Ubuntu 11.04. For my part, I will select the "Dynamically expanding storage" option, then click Next.

8. Click first the Select button and select where you want to store the hard disk data, then select the size of the virtual hard disk you want to create using the slide button. When done, click Next.

9. Click now Finish to create the virtual disk.

10. Click again Finish.

11. Your virtual disk is now ready. Click the Start button.

12. In the welcome screen, click Next.

13. If the Ubuntu 11.04 disc is mounted in your CD/DVD-ROM drive, then select the appropriate media source from the dropdown menu, or click the Select button and open the iso file for Ubuntu 11.04, then click Next.

14. Click now Finish to start the installation of Ubuntu 11.04.

15. In the welcome screen, select the install language, for my part, I will select English, then click Install Ubuntu.

16. Check on "Download updates while installing" and "Install this third-party software" then hit Forward.

17. Leave "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" selected, then click Forward.

18. Click Install Now to start the installation of Ubuntu 11.04.

19. Wait now while the installation is in progress. Meanwhile, you will be asked to select your location from the map, select it and click Forward.

20. Select now the keyboard layout and click Forward.

21. Enter now some information about yourself, then enter a username and password to log on with on Ubuntu. When done, click Forward.

22. Wait now until the installation wizard is complete. Click Restart Now to start using Ubuntu normally.

23. You have now installed successfully Ubuntu 11.04 using VirtualBox.

That's it!

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