In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your virtual machine resolution from the Terminal. This is possible with the help of the VBoxManager command line tool.

Get Started

1. Before we start, make sure you install the VirtualBox Guest additions because they are necessary.

2. To change the resolution for the virtual machine, use this command from the Terminal:

VBoxManage controlvm "virtual-machine-name" setvideomodehint 800 600 32

Replace virtual-machine-name with the name of your virtual machine displayed in the VirtualBox manager. Also, replace 800 600 with the desired screen resolution, 32 is the BPP (bits per pixel), you can change it to 16, 24, etc.

Here is an example (my virtual machine name is Ubuntu 11.10):

VBoxManage controlvm "Ubuntu 11.10" setvideomodehint 1680 1050 32

That's it!

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