If you want to change read speed for DVDs and CDs played by an optical drive under Ubuntu, then follow the instructions given below.

You can decrease read speed for an optical drive if this later makes an annoying buzzing sound while watching a DVD, for example.

Under Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04, launch the Terminal and run first this command to know the maximum read speed for your CD/DVD-ROM drive:

 eject -X

To set CD/DVD read speed, then issue this command:

 eject -x n

Replace n with the new read speed you want to apply. Here are some examples:

eject -x 32

eject -x 16

eject -x 8

eject -x 4

This command has also the same function (change 16 with any read speed of your choice):

 eject -x 16 /dev/cdrom

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