Macbuntu allows Ubuntu users to change the appearance of their operating systems to that of Mac OS X. The latest release for Macbuntu is supported under Ubuntu 10.10, but you can easily install it on Ubuntu 11.04 by changing a few lines in the install.sh file.

Macbuntu Installation On Ubuntu 11.04

1. Download first the Macbuntu 10.10 from here, then extract the content of the archive file using the default archive manager.

2. Launch now the terminal, access the "Macbuntu-10.10" folder using the "cd" command, then edit the install.sh file using this command:

 gedit install.sh

3. Find these lines:

echo ""
echo "Checking Ubuntu version..."
s=`cat /etc/issue | grep -i "$UBUNTU"`
if [ ! -n "$s" ]; then
echo "Failed. System not supported, script will end here"
echo "To ignore their compatibility with current OS try ./install.sh force"
echo "Exiting..."
exit 1;
echo "Passed"

And replace them with these four lines:

   echo “Passed”

Save now your file and close the text editor.

4. Via the Terminal, issue this command to force install Macbuntu on Ubuntu 11.04:

 ./install.sh force

5. Follow the setup instructions, then reboot your system. Ubuntu 11.04 will look now like Mac OS X:

Warning: Use this tip at your own risk!

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