NTM allows Linux users to monitor their Internet and network traffic via a GUI interface. You can configure NTM to auto disconnect your connection when the traffic limit is exceeded. Here are some of its features:

  • Network Interface Selection (In the Preferences window)
  • Monitor Internet Traffic Speed
  • Monitor Inbound and Outbound Traffic
  • Monitor Internet/Network Traffic by Day, Week, Month, etc.

To install NTM on Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04, download its deb package from here. After installing and launching NTM, its icon will be displayed in the notification area.

To configure NTM to analyze your wired ethernet connection (eth0), for example, then click its icon and select Preferences.

Under the General tab, enter "eth0" without quotes in the Interface section, then click Apply. You can also use the other tabs to configure NTM.

NTM will start now analyzing your wired ethernet connection. To display the monitoring window, click again NTM's icon and select Show Window.

That's it!

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