In this tip, we will see how to use the command line to extract password-protected RAR files and non password-protected RAR files in Ubuntu. No need to use archive managers with GUI to extract RAR files.

Before we start, you should know that this tip is operational only if you know the password for the RAR file, otherwise your file will not be extracted. You should also know that this tip is applicable on other Linux-based distributions.

Get Started

Let's first install the "rar" command line utility. So, launch the terminal and issue this command:

sudo apt-get install rar

To extract the RAR file, you need to issue this command:

rar e file.rar

Replace file.rar with the name of the file you want to extract. You have to be inside the directory containing the RAR file in order to be able to extract it via the terminal (use the "cd" command), or simply indicate the full path to the file in the command given above.

If the RAR file is password-protected, then you will be prompted to enter a password, submit it to extract the content of the archive file.

That's it!

Note. This command is tested under Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04.

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