Dillo is a light-weight and stable web browser. This web browser gives much importance to private security, that's why this web browser doesn't support Javascript, and cookies are not enabled by default.

Written in C programming language with the help of the GTK library, Dillo allows for a maximum surf speed and less system resource consumption. Dillo doesn't include all features you can find in other popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.), but it has all features necessary for a normal use, such as:

- Customizable Toolbar

- Fullscreen Support

- Bookmarks

- Search Box 

- Bugmeter: A tool that detect errors of an HTML page; useful for web developers

Among the missing features for Dillo is the inability to access secure web pages and websites (HTTPS Protocol). Also, this web browser doesn't well support CSS styles which may cause the absence of some web effects in web pages using this language. Anyway, if you want to install Dillo on Ubuntu, you can follow the instructions given below.

Dillo Installation

Before installing Dillo, we need to install first the latest FLTK2 C++ GUI toolkit. Launch the terminal and issue these commands:

wget http://ftp.easysw.com/pub/fltk/snapshots/fltk-2.0.x-r8518.tar.bz2
tar xvjf fltk-2.0.x-r8518.tar.bz2
cd fltk-2.0.x-r8518
sudo make install

To install Dillo, issue now these commands:

wget http://www.dillo.org/download/dillo-2.2.tar.bz2
tar xvjf dillo-2.2.tar.bz2
cd dillo-2.2
sudo make install

To launch the Dillo web browser, issue this command via the terminal:


You can also create a new launcher on your Desktop using this command: dillo

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